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Pharmaceutical Bio-Engineering Lecture and Practical Course WS während der Vorlesungsfreien Zeit Oliver Kayser

Oliver Kayser

Engineering meets Biology and Pharmacy! No one should be suprised about it, but in reality we can see that there is a "culture clash" and an urgent need for communication across barriers. Our aim is to support an easier integration of both disciplines and bring students from both disciplines together. This is for the first time a course where students from pharmacy and (bio)chemical engineering follow same courses and where lecturers have an engineering and pharmacy background. From an engineering perspective, industry scaled production, one unit operations and process design are the main dominating fields, what is missing in the classical pharmacy curriculum. From a pharmaceutical perspective directed production of designed proteins and safe delivery of the recombinant protein to the site of interest is a prerequisite for an efficient drug, but expertise on production is for a pharmacist lacking.


Everyone is invited to join this course if he or she is interested in pharmaceutical technology and egineering of biological drugs like proteins. This course will give the opportunity to highlight benefits and challenges of latest techniques explained by experts from the Technical University of Dortmund, The Medical University Poznan and the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf.



    Marek Murias

Marek Murias